J.W. Northrup

Sunday, April 26, 2015


Then what is freedom?

If you were completely free to “go” somewhere, you would be free to travel to any star instantaneously, unfettered by the constraints of space or time; free of the restrictions imposed by the possession of a body. 

You could be free to possess anything you desired with no one to put a barrier on it by saying it is “theirs”. They too could be free to create the same possession themselves.  Having possessions would be as simple as creating them.  Now you no longer have the need to defend yourself or “work hard” or create borders and fences up to keep others out or have some stupid war about it.

            Can you feel the Laws of Physics moving in on you; admonishing your blasphemy of the sacred Physics textbooks?

The Physics textbooks tell you nothing can be created and the best you can do is try to manipulate what has already been created.  That is your first barrier and the most fundamental lie that has been imposed by the hidden constraints programmed in a Mechanical Mind that surrounds you, absorbs your thoughts, runs them through a program and feeds you thoughts of conformity on a sub-awareness level that makes you think they are your own.

If you were truly free, you could walk into the sun and feel no effect, stand at ground zero and feel no explosion, leap from the top of the Empire State Building and never fall, be shot with a gun and never be hurt unless you wanted to and if you decided you did not like it, you could cancel the whole thing.

You could create a planet or a star of any size or destroy one without a single consequence. 

You could be as big as this universe or as small as an electron simply by consideration.

You could create games and build barriers, then take them down at will.  You could feel completely unrestrained in your love or your hate, your communication and your decisions.

You could change your mind or make up your mind whenever you desired.  You could have a mind or not have a mind.

You could be free of taxes, laws, guilt and obligation.  You would be free of “sin”. 

You could be a man or be a woman, good or evil, god or the devil, hero or villain.

And that is freedom—inconceivable to most and completely prohibited by governments and authorities who must enslave you into a system of degrading rules. 

You say that would be anarchy?  I say you would be free of anarchy.  You say you have to have laws to control criminals.  I say you would be free of criminals.  You say that’s illogical? I say I’m free from illogic AND logic. 

You say that is ridiculous? Impossible?  Stupid?

My dear little human, you have no idea what freedom is.

But that IS the freedom that defined our existence before we curiously entered this universe and were lured into the Spirit Trap.

            We’ve all since forgotten about the Spirit Trap.  We all have bodies now that fully define our location—bodies which must be kept alive so that we may feel alive.  Our existence as a free spirit is long forgotten - shrouded in amnesia